Wedding management

5 Star modern Hotels normally have large Rooms inventory and that is the biggest plus with them. Destination wedding can be arranged at the hotel which allow all type of accommodation and entertainment facility. A large gathering could be conveniently accommodated under same roof with a complete privacy. If you are having the more guests, you can arrange more rooms in the different hotel than the current one with best facility. Usually 2 night stay in such hotel for 150 guest could budget 10 lakhs. One must first fix their guest list and then wedding management with some best wedding planner like Lucros. They knows exactly what to do and how to do? For more detail one must visit www.lucrosevents.com. As it is seen that even if you palace for your wedding venue, it also need some garnishing and transformation. I am personally of opinion that when you have such beautiful surrounding and aesthetics you really need to just add up a bit of elegance with flowers, light accents, drapes & candles. A tasteful and minimal decor to bring out the beauty of venue and make it look special. Wedding management is very important and it is done professionally it will give the best memory.