Destination wedding Goa

Destination wedding Goa are very popular in India. People love destination weddings and Rajasthan and Goa are two states which gets highest preference from the clients. We wonder that how much it will cost of Wedding in Goa or Rajasthan? Today there are many wedding planner who have the packages of destination weddings. First of all one need the basic idea & tips to arrange the destination wedding. If you looking for cost of hosting a wedding in Goa, you are at right place. Here at Lucros Events we can guide you best and we offer best packages to fit your requirement. There are many people who search for the destination weddings and its cost on internet. One will find many useful tips that what to do and what not to. But if it is within the budget, more time would be spent on exploring the possible Hotels, venues, suppliers, wedding planners etc. If it is not within budget people will simple avoid. Actually destination wedding can be arrange within budget also. If you are living in Goa and find the wedding planner and plan for simple one day wedding. It will really come within the budget and one day cost of guest will come very low. Actually one need to plan properly with the wedding planner and he can suggest best for you. If you are looking for the wedding planner in Goa, visit


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