When we plan weddings, we always become very emotional. It is very important to make the budget and plan everything advance to stay in the budget. Sometimes we forget that it is stretching our budgets and we just keep on including things which can be avoided. There are many areas where we can go out of our budget. First is the venue, if we select the venue which is very expensive and non cooperative, we might go out of budget. Second it catering, we need to understand that we cannot afford wastage of food and need to plan properly. Third is decoration, which can really take away your entire budget. One need to understand that your budget will need some 10 to 20 percent leverage. But beyond that it will be really difficult to handle. Concluding this write up, I hope you get some insight about securing Hotel & Venues for the Wedding. If you are looking for a Wedding Planner to handle the wedding planning, visit They work very well within budget and also save on many things. Weddings are very important events of people’s life time but one need to plan them in advance and within budget.


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